16+ Supported Living

Our supported living service is also available for young people aged 16+ who are ‘looked after’ or leaving care. Our heavily outcome-based service has a proven track record working with a wide number of local authorities providing support and accommodation for young people aged 16+ with Learning difficulties, Autism, emotional and mental health problems. Our service is tailor made to empower our young people with independent living skills in accordance with the leaving care pathway plan and we take sincere pride in the progress our young people are able to showcase whilst placed with us.

What we do for our 16+ young people:

  • Supported Living for Looked after young people (16+) with Learning difficulties, Autism, and mental health problems
  • Strong emphasis on empowerment and developing a positive lifestyle for all of our young people
  • Positive Behaviour skills
  • Calming and supportive environment
  • Outcome based
  • Clear routes into training & education
  • Budgeting skills
  • Shopping skills
  • Job application and interview skills
  • Promotion of self-hygiene and self-respect
  • Opportunities to develop independence and self-reliance
  • A provision that is staffed for 24 hours
  • Friendly and experienced staff that understand young people’s emotional needs
  • High quality accommodation in a safe and secure environment.

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