To Our Commissioners

Access Healthcare works in tandem with the CCGs, NHS England and The Ministry of Justice.

Access Healthcare provides a 24hour, 7 days, 365 days support and supported accommodation to vulnerable people with an objective of empowering them to live positive lives within the community.

We have two groups that we cater for: The Older adult group and the 16+ group.

The Older adult group comprises those vulnerable adults who suffer from enduring mental health and learning difficulties.

The 16+ group comprise Looked After young people whom we provide supported Living services for in a semi-independent setting. The young people suffer from conditions including mental health, learning difficulties and emotional challenges.

Access Healthcare has the expertise to meet the needs of our client groups. Staff are regularly trained to ensure that our clients are empowered through empathy and care.

The 16+ clients are enabled to transition to the adult group, and Access Healthcare is able to ensure that this is achieved seamlessly.

In addition, those clients that have made great progress due to our interventions are empowered to have their independent Living by moving them on. We have relationships with the private sector to ensure that those clients secure their own tenancies, hence gaining self-sufficiency.

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